Monday, February 23, 2015

Time Marches On

There's a segment on the local radio station (which is actually syndicated but whatever) where the hosts talk about things that have happened to them lately that makes them realize that time is marching on for them. So here are a few of my cues that make me realize that my time is marching on.

Yesterday I didn't do anything strenuous and after I woke up from a quick nap and hanging out for a bit my neck was really sore. I hadn't done anything and I just couldn't shake the stiffness. I ended up having to put Icy Hot on it and took some Tylenol. It feels a bit better today but still is sore.

I'm one of the middle school cheerleading coaches and on Saturday we had a game the girls were cheering at. A few of the girls were being rude and disrespectful. There was even a point when I told them something and they blatantly did the opposite. When I said something they were like, well we wanted to do it. I had to stand my ground and tell them that they weren't in charge and I was the coach. Then I thought Oh lord. They probably think I'm a fuddy duddy...which brought up another feeling of time marches on for me even thinking the term fuddy duddy! :)

My friend posted a TBT picture of myself and her at our first job working in a music store. And of course her brother teased and asked what CD's were. It reminded me that when I first started working there we sold cassettes. Now there are hardly any actual music stores that sell CDs.

There's just a few of my recent run ins with Father Time. What are some of yours?

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