Tuesday, February 24, 2015

RTT: Cartoons, dinners, weather and birthdays

Since I've been gone for so long I've missed Random Thoughts Tuesdays with Stacy! I've missed it because it gives me a place to just release a few of the randoms running around my brain!

I am so glad that Disney Junior comes out with new cartoons every once in a while. While Jacoby is still hooked on Mickey Mouse and has recently come to like Jake and the Neverland Pirates he has really enjoyed the new shows Miles from Tomorrowland and the 7D. It's nice because I swear even though Mickey Mouse Clubhouse has been on for at least 8 years I'm pretty sure my TV is programmed to play only the ones I've seen (which is all of them).

I am so tired of cooking dinner. I saw a meme I think the other day on Facebook about how even people who enjoyed cooking before kids/families they despise it now. I never loved cooking and I don't despise it now, but it is so difficult to come up with meals that everyone will enjoy on a day where we are all home to eat. We've come into the time where Leo has multiple practices a week and with working until 5 evenings are always hectic. The only meal I've come up with that pleases everyone is spaghetti. There are a few other meals that I can usually get 3 out of the 4 of us to eat but hardly ever 4 for 4. It gets really frustrating.

The weather here has been out of control crazy. We had rain and 45 degrees on Friday and then we had a super nice day on Saturday where we probably got up to 60 and then around 11 Saturday night we had snow and it continued to snow all day Sunday. We didn't have much accumulation but then Monday was FREEZING and it would snow sporadically. Again with not much accumulation though. Thankfully!

Today is my little baby's birthday. Happy 8th birthday LEO! We've gone between angel to devil and now it's like we've surpassed his middle years and we are dealing with straight teen angst. But we love him through it all and this upcoming weekend his birthday party is at the local dodgeball joint. I can't wait to post about it and pictures!

Well that's all the random I have for now. Check out Stacy and the other random revelers!

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VandyJ said...

Ugh. The challenge of feeding the family. My six year old is still the pickiest eater the house. We insist he try things, but I totally get the frustration of hearing I don't like that! on 90% of what is put in front of him.