Monday, April 6, 2015

Home Sweet Home

This week's spin is about how you make your house a home. And to show pictures. I could show you the mess that resides in my house but I'm sure it looks just like all yours right? Right?! Please just go along with me on that one so I don't feel like a cleaning slacker! 

So instead of showing you my mess, I'll show you what I love. First my (year old) pictures of my sweet boys. I have majorly slacked on this and not printed the last pictures we had done of the boys last October. So these are from a year ago. BUT I still love them (the pictures AND the boys) so it's all good. Plus I really don't need proof that my baby is not a baby anymore and is starting to look like a real boy! Also, in the middle of my boys is the picture I painted at my *cough* 30th birthday party at the local wine and paint place. I chose the "Family Tree" and I love it.

Next is my wall art that I got on my 29th birthday trip to KC to visit my aunt. We went to a women's fair and I saw it and had to have it. I think it is an awesome saying. Accompanying it is artwork done by Leo. I love having their artwork around the house.

And then outside we have our KU flag (ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!) and the basketball. If you can't find us inside we're probably outside enjoying family time and watching the boys hoop it up!

What makes your house a home? Join us in spinning about it and visit Ginny and all the other spinners to see their homes!


Ginny Marie said...

I've always wanted to go to one of those wine and paint places! I love your look into your home. Thanks so much for linking up!

Kim said...

I just saw your picture Ginny Marie's site and clicked over to see that you are a Kansas girl. We live in Topeka (although I'm still a Texas girl at heart:).

Sharon Mayor said...

In my house we are big Wisconsin fans. My hubby even hung up the UW flag under the roof gable. Go figure. Love your pictures, very cute.