Tuesday, April 21, 2015

RTT: Jacobyisms, manicures and insurance

Time for another bout of random brought to you by the erratic thoughts in my head and Stacy. Because she rocks and lets me get these out.


-I got a manicure with my mom the other day. I love getting manicures. But…I feel like what we get for them is going down or staying the same and the price is going up. Is Shellac really that much more expensive to apply? Or is it because they know it will last longer and you won’t have to come in more often to get it redone that that is why they upcharge? #Thingsthatmakeyougohmmm

-I applied to be a blog correspondent/whatever you call it for Wichita’s City Mom’s Blog. I think it would be cool and while I don’t know that everything I have to say would be worthwhile blogging material I feel like I have some insight. You know, since I have two incredibly cute boys who like to say the most ridiculous things…

-Which leads me to the latest Jacobyisms—he has started telling us when he *ahem* farts that, and I quote, my butt farted. Oh Jacoby. My little 3 year old verbal wonder.

-Leo has a make-up soccer game on Wednesday night which is abnormal. Usually games are on Saturdays and Sundays and so it is really throwing a wrench in my weekly menu plan. Thursday night I will be out of the house and that usually always means that the boys will go out because god forbid the hubs is able to scrounge up anything. But with his game being at 6:30 and me not even getting home until 5:30 there is no way we will have time to eat before which means we will be eating dinner around 7:45-8. Which means I will need to be uber-prepared and/or we’ll be going out two nights in a row. Which a) is gross and b) is expensive. Because those two growing lads won’t settle for kids meals anymore.

-I HATE insurance companies and doctor’s office billing departments. It just drives me insane that they can’t work together but when you have a question they each tell you to go to the other department. It is a mess and I feel like I’m always overpaying or that nothing is resolved unless I am the one to push on. If there’s a mistake/overage on a statement you would think that the doctor’s office would catch it. Because you know dang sure that if there was a shortage they would be demanding their money. But when I bring something up then it’s always well, we should have caught it but I’m not sure why we didn’t. Ugh. Drives me crazy.


That’s all the random today. Enjoy your Tuesday and hopefully the sunshine!

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