Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Jacobyisms, Baseball and Soccer Moms

It’s Tuesday. Woot woot. Not Monday. Woot woot!

Another day another funny thing Jacoby said. Lately he wants to eat breakfast at home before we go to school (where he gets to eat second breakfast. Like a Hobbit). So he usually gets a little cereal in a baggy or a cereal bar to “tide” him over for the 10 minute drive. This morning Leo had a waffle so of course Jacoby wants a waffle. I quickly toast and butter it. He also is crying for a blueberry so I grab a cereal bar as well. We are settled in for our drive and halfway there I look back and his cereal bar is gone and he has butter all over his face. And he’s just holding the waffle. I ask him why and he tells me there’s no butter on it…ummm dude just licked it off. So I tell him that the butter has melted on the waffle and he needs to eat it. He looks at me like I’m crazy, yet continues to demolish the waffle. We get to daycare and Boom. He sits down to eat his cereal. I think someone is growing…


And just for good measure (and so you know what I’m up against) here he is last night at the park wanting to do the monkey bars by. him. self. He would have probably made it most of the way by himself but he made it all the way with the help of my hand holding up his tushy. He is a cute daredevil. I’m in trouble!


Have y’all seen the Royals playing this year? Huh? They are 7-0! We are planning on heading to KC in June so we are hoping to snag some tickets to a game while we’re there. Unfortunately the tickets have gone up ridiculously since their MIRACULOUS run to the World Series last year. But I think we can still manage one game. I can’t wait!


We had a parent’s meeting last night and the gist of it was that parents were unhappy with our coach because A) playing time was not equal and B) he was too much of a yeller and not a pat-on-the-backer. Now, I understand that these kids are 8 and 9 years old. But at some point they will realize that not all of them are as good as the others. And we have stressed to Leo that if he wants playing time he has to knock off the shenanigans at practice and prove it. Since we had that conversation it seems that he has had more playing time and less screw-ups at practice. He understands. I know not all kids get that, nor am I saying that Leo is perfect. Believe me. He is far from it. But they will learn at some point that they must prove it to play. Whether that be in sports, careers, life. As for the yelling I get. But again, I wasn’t brought up in a “everyone wins” house. We didn’t get baseless recognition and if we needed to do something better we were told. That is how I am raising my kids. I do give them the “You’re doing  a great job” every now and then but most of the times they hear criticism (sometimes constructive…other times not so much). That is something I am trying to work on but I definitely want it to be in the form of a job really well done and not just participation trophy type stuff. Maybe I’m too competitive but I think that’s better than some other things.


That’s all my random musings for the day. Go see Stacy and random up with her!

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Stacy Uncorked said...

"Like a Hobbit." That totally cracked me up. And sounds like Little Dude! We could sit him down at a table and keep putting food in front of him, and he'd eat it all. All day long. :) And I'm totally giggling about Jacoby licking the butter off the waffle then saying he needs butter on the waffle...totally LD, too! :)

That is the cutest little monkey boy I've ever seen! ;)

Your Royals are doing much better than my Mariners so far this year... :) And I'm totally with you on rewarding for a job well done, not muddying it up with 'here's a trophy, thanks for participating, who cares if you tried or not?' :)

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