Sunday, January 18, 2009

Chill Out

Yesterday I had an amazing time with some friends that we hadn't seen in awhile. We spent the evening playing games and hanging out, catching up with what their kids were doing etc. So then we decided to play Clue because I am slightly addicted as of late. Well we were discussing the rules and the alpha male (not my hubby, and not alpha, just a wannabe) was explaining how to play. I interjected by politely (or not) that he was incorrect and how to play. He dismissed me (which annoyed me) and so the official rules were busted out and I was proved correct. So I did my happy dance by smacking my arse in his direction to insinuate kiss it and rubbed it in his face (my correctness, not my bum!) that I was correct and he was not. He declared that this must be a new version because how he used to play could not possibly be wrong! I just sat smugly in my place waiting to begin playing by my rules. At that, I just want to say that people need to chill out because honestly it is a game of Clue. You do not have to be right all the time. And I guess the same could be said of me immortalizing my rightness on my blog but to that I say whatever! We did play games all evening and for 2 weeks in a row now I have gotten home much later than I thought I would. Me and the hubster strolled in the house (this time lugging our sleeping 2-year-old) in a little later than 2. Ridiculous, but fun times!

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