Wednesday, January 21, 2009

what did I do to deserve this

So today I am at home with a sick kid...again. This time he has pneumonia. Now as I was laying in bed last night listening to him labor to breathe I was thinking about what I wanted to say (write). They say God only gives us things that we can handle so it got me thinking. When I was little I can only imagine the trauma that it caused my parents with my brother having juvenile arthritis and barely being able to walk and me having as many problems as I had with asthma and allergies and of course no one diagnosing me correctly. So it is only fair that I also am dealing with a child who has the same things that were wrong with me. Because I know what symptoms I should be looking for and knowing when enough is enough and when to go to the doctor.

And then it got me thinking even further. I have a cousin who has 2 autistic sons. Now I am very impatient. She is not. She was able to handle me drunk on more than one occasion and that is a task in itself. I won't even begin to compare it to what she deals with on an everyday basis but I really don't think I could handle it and she does with flying colors. Everytime I go to her house it is clean and she is able to keep a schedule from what I understand. So apparently God (or whomever you choose to believe in) saw something in her that said she can handle it and these two little boys deserve to have someone that can see their true potential.

So if you are someone out there doing something amazing with a situation that you didn't ask for or that you don't think you can handle just know that someone is looking out for all of us and you are appreciated.

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