Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!

Sorry it has been a few days since I have posted. I have been a little busy doing nothing! Well not nothing exactly, but not much other than work and minding the chillins'. Anyways...just like I'm sure everyone and their mother blogged about I will do the same. My look back on the year and my resolution for the new one! 2008 brought a lot of different things that could be viewed as good or bad.
  • The hubster and I fought a lot less frequently due to a newborn now being a walking, talking monster. We laughed a lot more than we cried and I was/am very thankful for that.
  • The little monster grew up (a little bit!)...awww...good and bad!
  • My immediate family is spending a lot more time together which I LOVE LOVE LOVE!
  • I got a new position in a place that I really like!
  • The hubster got added pressure at an already stressful job but was looked at by higher ups and that will be a huge help in the future if he decides to pursue anything higher!
  • We both have our jobs and our health and that is a GINORMOUS plus with the way the world is turning on it's head!

Ok, so that is a small look at things that have happened to me and mine during the past year. My biggest resolution for the real world is to budget this year! I think I am going to do it! And my bloggy resolution is to try and find good topics to write about to make this blog a little more exciting to read!

Hope everyone's new years went smashingly and that everyone made it to their 2009 safely!


Brooke said...

That is a really sweet post. It's always good to look back at the good things to help us get through the next year!

Needsleepy said...

Hey I gave your blog an over to mt blog and read it.