Saturday, January 24, 2009

I got another award!

Need Sleepy at gave me the "Honest Scrap" Award.
With this award, I am to write 10 honest tid-bits about myself. Which of course I will! Here are my 10 tid-bits about myself:

1) I can never remember how old I am. I honestly can't. I always have to think what month and year it is.
2) I really want another kid but I don't know if I have the patience for another one. I get frustrated really easily with my little monkey already and I don't know how I would mentally react with a baby and a toddler.
3) I am not a very good friend. I always get really connected to people and then when we move on our separate ways I lose contact because I don't make a very good effort. I would love to but I am worn out all of the time with everything I have going on I just don't.
4) I am very animated when I watch sporting events. Live or on TV. I yell, scream, have to leave the room, etc. When I am at a live event I yell profanities at the opposing players, refs, etc. I'm sure it is a good time had by all! :)
5) As much as I may complain about my hubster I do not question whether it was the right choice to marry so young. We think alike, enjoy a lot of the same things and I can honestly say when it is just us we laugh constantly!
6) I would love to retire today. I'm sure that is true of everybody but I can think of so many more worthwhile things I can do with my time than working.
7) I do not want to live in any town other than the one I live in. I hated the high school I went to (in the town I currently live) but I think that people behave the same everywhere so a different town would not change the outcome and I really enjoy the city because we are close enough to bigger cities that I can go there for dinner and drive a little farther to go shopping at the better malls and sporting events!
8) I really like to dress up but I never have anywhere to dress up to go to. And when we do things with other couples they always dress down so I do to.
9) I love TV. If I could stay at home all day for like a month I think I could watch TV the whole time because I can find stuff on all the time. But after a month I think I would be tired of it. Especially in the summer since everything is re-runs.
10) I can't watch a movie from the middle. I have to start a movie at the beginning. Even if I've seen it a million times I don't like to start it in the middle.

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