Thursday, January 15, 2009

Days after the debauchery

Yes I am still going on about this because this may be the highlight of my year! What a way to start with a bang! Well really the only thing I am going to say about it is that I am glad I was not hungover. I took 2 ibuprofen and chugged a glass of water and passed out about 3:45. Then bright and early Sunday started with vomit. Not almost 2 year olds. He decided on the morning after I stayed out way to late he was going to get the good ol' stomach virus. He was sick ALL DAY LONG. I changed sheets twice, and outfits 8 times. Mine twice his 6 times. Holy cow. And also, purple pedialyte turns poop green and of course vomit purple. We had a rainbow of colors displayed in our house that day! And then Monday the hubster stayed home with the monkey and when I got home from work this is what happens:

Hubby: Can you watch him I am going to go lay down
Me: Of course dear. You must have had a hard day watching sick kid and need some rest (I may be exaggerating here!)
Hubby: Thanks
Maybe 3 minutes later
Hubby: (footsteps running down the hall) ralph

This is fantastic! So, I watch the monkey for the rest of the evening. Go grab some dinner because I am tired and don't want to fix anything. Blog a little then go to bed about 10. I wake up at about 1 feeling clammy and sick. Uh oh...that's right stomach bug. 3 for 3. You got the Fernandez household. But it will not happen again...until next year I am sure!

We are all better as of today but I am off because I have to work Saturday so I get the pleasure of cleaning and de-contaminating a sicky-infested house. yippee.

Hope today finds everyone well!

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