Tuesday, September 15, 2009

contamination and other random Tuesday thoughts

So our house is contaminated. I have now been contaminated by the mutant 2 year old that is spewing green out of his nose and hacking up a lung every night. I was diagnosed with a sinus infection and bronchitis. The doctor told me the good news was that I didn't have pneumonia or H1N1. Really? That's the good news. the good news would be you have a miracle pill that heals me before my weekend rendezvous with my husband sans 2 year old. Oh wait...you do...that's amazing. It better work before Saturday or I will be out to get you. Also, said 2 year old is still fighting off the same stuff and he has the same medicine I do only in liquid form so hopefully he will be better so he doesn't spread the infection to grandma and grandpa.

I am going to get Leo a new game before this weekend with granmda and grandpa. It is a game that the giraffe talks and tells you to find the other animals by different clues. There are 5 levels, so they go from color to sounds to other stuff. I think he will really enjoy it because he loves animals and he has been really good lately about comprehending what we are talking to him about and having fuller conversations with us. It is so weird to see him like a grown-up kid.

Also a huge story on the front...Leo has been doing pretty well with the potty training. We even got him some spiderman underpants. He puts them on over his diaper but we are teaching him that he can't go to the bathroom in his diaper when he is wearing his underpants so he has been letting us know if he needs to go (after we ask him about 15 times if he needs to go.)

I am pretty excited to go to Kansas City this weekend. Even if all we do is hang out in the hotel watching football it will be nice because I won't have to be cooking or cleaning or caring for a 2 year old. I'm pretty stoked actually. And as for going to the Chiefs vs. Raiders game, after watching last nights Raiders game I have a pretty good feeling that the Raiders will be able to overcome the crappy Chiefs and mark a victory making my husband a happy man!

And this is definitely not the year of the celebrity. Everyone keeps dying. I'm not really for sure what it is but I think it may be global warming. Yeah, I'm gonna go with that.

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Sprite's Keeper said...

I hope you feel better by Saturday! Especially since you'll be sans two year old!