Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Old Favorite Thing

My new old favorite thing to do: Coloring.

I have always loved to color. But now being a mom, I actually get to do it again without feeling ridiculous. And I'm not talking grand pictures, I'm talking about the 5-in-1 Dora coloring book that I got to color Dora and Boots and I loved it! It was a little different being directed what color to paint what, but I managed! I may sneak in a little coloring time later tonight after Leo's in bed and I can have the coloring book all to myself! Ahhh...the joys of being a mom!

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Davina said...

Dani loves to color, too. She finds it very stress-relieving to take a break and color when she's studying for exams. :) I painted a couple pictures last week. I was so excited. I hadn't painted in forever! :) You can come color (or paint) over here any time - no judgments, no stress. :) We even have some extra coloring books (and lots of crayons) in the cabinet! :)