Sunday, September 6, 2009

What's that sound

Question of the day: What do you not want to hear/see when you are awakened by your child in the middle of the night?

A) Crying
B) Coughing
C) Sleeping
D) All of the Above

My answer last night was D. I heard a crying and coughing kid in the next room so I went to go get him to give him either a breathing treatment or cough medicine or both and I arrived to see him still sleeping (or at least trying to) when I went in there. It was the most pathetic thing I have ever witnessed. It broke my heart. I went and got the breathing treatment machine and brought him into our room and got a movie for him to watch. He was hysterical and if anyone has asthma out there, they know that crying only intensifies the coughing. So I finally got him relaxed watching the Incredibles and then I turned the machine on and he flipped out. He's usually ok with the machine but last night he was not having any of it. So I waited for him to go to sleep to try to run it while he was sleeping. Apparently this machine was made by people who don't care about noise because it is so freaking loud. So of course it woke him up and he started freaking out again. Plan B...derailed. So I just got kicked and slept on the rest of the night. Oh well...who needs sleep.

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