Tuesday, June 7, 2011

RTT: Birthday week and Toddler Tantrums

Another week of rebel randoming courtesy of Stacy!

It's my birthday week. Especially since my birthday was on a Sunday I feel like I get the whole week for my birthday. I think that's fair. Most of the time the weeks (or even days) are not about me so I'm dubbing this Kendra's birthday week. And even when I typed this I had trumpets in my head blaring da-da-da-duh. Apparently I think very highly of my week!
And like I said yesterday I got a Kindle for my birthday. While this probably wouldn't have been atop my birthday list it's still a pretty awesome gift and I'm very thankful to have gotten one. The whole thing that I have a problem wrapping my head around is that I normally check out books from the library. For free. So I will have to ration myself to only 1 book per month unless there is a super-awesome deal for a free or extraordinarily cheap book.
Do any of you have 3 or 4 year old toddlers? If not...do you want one? He's usually a very sweet boy but sometimes, whoo-ee. He can get pretty mouthy and full of attitude. I'm not sure if we're just on the downhill of the toddler roller coaster or what but goodness. Leo has been rotten. And mainly just for me. He will pretty well listen to his dad but there are even sometimes when he won't listen to him either. And so it has been a rough few weeks. And because my stupid pregnancy hormones are ruling my roost we have been fighting like cats and dogs. And I'm done with it. I'm done with my bad attitude and I'm done with his. So if you wnt a small child (or once had one) who has gone through something similar let me know what you did to remedy the situation!
I made sloppy joes for dinner tonight and they were delicious. I think that sloppy joes may be one of my favorite meals. And it's so simple. I think if I were to make a list of my favorite meals they would be in this order:
1) Grilled BBQ chicken with corn on the cob and baked potatoes
2) Breakfast for dinner including: french toast, bacon and eggs
3) Sloppy joes
Mmmmm. Now I'm hungry just thinking about all that food!
I bought a bikini and I am so excited to rock it. And by rock it I mean wear it only in the company of my immediate family or a few stray family members that won't judge! I needed a new swimsuit anyways and I usually only swim at my parents pool in their backyard so I thought why not. Along with the fact that I wouldn't know the first thing about buying a 1-piece suit for a pregnant belly. And they were on sale super cheap at Old Navy. Gosh I love that store!
Leo has been into Star Wars lately and I feel so out of the loop. I've seen them all and know who most of the main characters are but I'm not an afficionado. So when he asks me who such and such is or when I make the mistake of calling a storm trooper a droid I am just looked at with a look that says, oh silly mom. You know nothing. And he's right. I don't. And I'm ok with that. But maybe I should watch them again.
I was looking at a photo gallery of Johnny Depp today and it had pictures of him from his movies and it made me want to have a Johnny Depp marathon. Not only is he extremely good looking (he's #1 on my list, just FYI) but his movies are so good. So the next time I have a few days off with nothing to do then I am so having one. So in other words, once I'm on maternity leave I am so having one!

Ok. That's all I have for today. Don't forget to visit Stacy to see the other random.


Kristine said...

I haven't had sloppy joes since I was a kid! They used to be my favorite meal and it was a "must have" for Friday nights!

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I know what we're having for supper on Friday... ;-)

Anonymous said...

My son is about 3 months from 4 and yes! He is a total terror right now. i blogged yesterday about how he can be sweet then absolutely awful. It's really dragging me down lately. Happy Tuesday!

LeAnn said...

Star Wars is huge at my house! If you need some help, just ask! I am happy to help out.

Toni said...

Happy Birthday Week! I think Moms should be able to celebrate for a week! It takes that long to get everything in because we have to take frequent breaks to be Moms!

I'm sure a Kindle would be a great gift but I would sort of be sad if I got one. I either get books from the library or I buy them USED online. Cheap. With a Kindle I would have to buy New books. I'm to cheap for a Kindle. :)

I have a four year old, he has occasional attitude issues but it's not too bad. We never really have battles or anything because I'm the Mommy and he knows I'll win. He's logical like that. lol.

I LOVE Star Wars! Love!

Johnny Depp is awesome. Wonderful actor. Like a chameleon he disappears into his roles. Amazing. He's pretty too. (First on my list is Sean Bean though. Always and Forever.) :)

And I think I'll stop now! lol

Happy Tuesday!

Stacy Uncorked said...

Happy Birthday week! I totally agree you deserve an entire week of celebration. ;)

My hubby got me a Kindle for my birthday - I love it! I'm actually able to read more books since it's so easy to carry around everywhere. And you can download tons of free books on Amazon - there are a ton to choose from, and the freebies change all the time, so you'll have it packed before you know it. ;)

Princess Nagger definitely had her moments when she was that age...I sometimes told her Mama needed a time out when she would get out of control, and that seemed to make her stop. She thought it was funny and would forget why she was mad or fighting with me. ;)

I haven't had sloppy joes in forever! Might have to add that to my list soon... :)

Princess Nagger has started mentioning Star Wars lately - some of the kids in her class are really into it. I might need to join you and watch them again, because I'm sure I'll get the same look when I flub it up. ;)

Speaking of joining you watching something - I'm SO there for the Johnny Depp Marathon! ;)

Thanks for being my random rebellion buddy! :)

Hot Flashes, Pretty Bird and an Absent Minded Nod: RTT Rebel

Captain Dumbass said...

My wife has never had sloppy joes and is obsessed with them now. She saw a pack at the store recently and then was horrified by the ingredients. But now she's back to being obsessed again.