Tuesday, June 21, 2011

RTT: Seriously June--you're over already

I know June is not technically over yet but it's already the 21st. That is nuts! And Stacy is still holding down the random fort so at least we have somewhere to gather for our weekly Tuesday musings.

I went to Wal-Mart on Sunday (I know...what was I thinking) and I thought that it would not be very crowded because it was during church hours but boy was I wrong. That place was hopping. But the thing of it was I kept (literally) bumping in to the same people the whole time Leo and I were shopping. It was very random. But I got my weekly grocery shopping done and I even picked up a few little outfits for the bebe and some pajamas for Leo. And that's why I go to Wal-Mart.

I had been doing bi-weekly grocery shopping because we get paid every two weeks and I wanted to make sure we had enough groceries to last for that two week period but I have found that it is very difficult to know what I am going to be in the mood to eat almost 2 weeks out. We did really well there for awhile but then I fell off the cooking bandwagon. So I made a weekly menu and only 3 bigger meals and then leftovers and smaller meals (think bean and cheese nachos) on the other nights. And I'm ok with that.

Also, being pregnant has really thrown and wrench in my meal planning because half the time I'm not hungry at all and just want something to nibble on but know I need to feed my family and the other nights I'm all...GIVE ME FOOD. And of course those are the nights I get off the latest and don't want to have worked all day and then come home and make huge meals for me to be the only one into. But it's whatever.

And final thing about food...you know when I said I got a really simple recipe for a chicken and rice dinner? Well I wasn't kidding about the easy. I pre-made the chicken and soup-y base before I went to work on Saturday and then set out the exact amount of rice that needed to be put in before it baked (I wasn't sure what would happen to the rice if it sat in the soup mixture all day in the fridge) and had him toss it in the oven an hour before I got home from work. And it turned out AMAZING. And everyone liked it. So double bonus!

My sister-in-law and I are having a garage sale this Thursday-Saturday at their house and I am so excited about it. I know that sounds really strange but I think it will be fun! And I don't have a ton of stuff to sell but hopefully I'll make between $100 and $150. I think I have enough to make that. But even if I only make a little bit it will be nice to be off work for a few days and hang out and chat with her and my brother during the sale!

Leo is getting so freaking big! My mom and I took him for his first "long" bike ride while my dad and hubby went golfing for Father's Day. We went over to a local store that was right by a very large sidewalk and we walked and he rode his bike for almost 30 minutes. I was pretty impressed. The only thing we need to teach him (and he needs to listen to us about) is not putting his feet on the ground to brake. Not only is he going to tear up his *brand new* shoes but he could hurt his legs if the pedals rub against them. Oh well. I guess he'll just have to wear his old shoes from now on.

I don't remember if I've blogged about this but I have joined a bowling league. I'm on it with my cousin, my mom and one of my mom's friend. Since my dad has recently started working at the bowling alley *cough, cushy retirement job, cough* they had a Sunday night bowling league that needed another team so we joined. It has been so much fun! I'm not great but we have a lot of fun. I think my average is around 110. Oh well. Hopefully I'll get better as the season progresses!

I'm getting kind of annoyed by mother nature. Anytime that I have free time and I am planning on going swimming at my parents house it rains that day or the day before. I'm a very baby-ish swimmer and want my water to feel like bathwater so if it's not 85-90 degrees I'm not to keen on swimming. My mom said the water has been nice after you've been exercising or working in the yard but that's not what I'll have been doing. I'm ridiculous about it i know but I have only swam only 1 time this whole June. Booo!

Enough random from me! Don't forget to visit Stacy and the other randomers.


allstarme said...

Man, I love those chicken/rice/soup bake thingies. They're so easy! Happy RTT.

Kristine said...

I love the chicken/rice things too but my family will NOT eat anything that resembles a casserole or if the food touches another food. Stupid really. They are strictly meat and potatos. Blurgh.

VandyJ said...

Chicken and rice is the easiest meal going.
I have hard time meal planning, but am getting better--however life keeps getting in the way.

Christina - Rant Rave Roll said...

I don't like going to WalMart. I avoid it at all cost. I needed something there and forced myself to go over the weekend. It sucked.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Sprite is quite the picky eater, but I would totally eat the chicken and rice!
I haven't been to WalMart in a while since I started doing more shopping at Costco. This absense could be why I feel so much better about humanity lately.