Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Face sleeper

Jacoby has decided he wants to be like his mama and sleep on his face. I'll be glad when he has mastered the art of making sure his face is not smushed down into his bed as it will make for better nights of sleep for both of us.

It's funny to me how much one can forget about the little things of parenting. It's been 5 years since Leo was a baby and the hubby and I were trying to figure out this crazy thing called parenthood.  Since then I've felt like I've mastered it but there are also times I feel like I've failed at it.  Which from everything I see on Facebook, Twitter and blogs that is completely normal.  And now here we are 5 years later trying to do it all over again.  This time it's even harder though because I have to worry about another person on top of the baby!  Slowly but surely we are getting our lives back in order and adjusting being a family of 4.  And hopefully I will be able to get back into the swing of blogging on a regular basis.  One thing that I have learned and am using this skill every day is the skill of bedtime.  It's not mastered by any means but bedtime is pretty set in our house.  Even on the weekends unless something is going on.  And that is in bed by 8.  So it's almost bedtime so I better go so we can get books read and teeth brushed!

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gretchen said...

Oh no. I have always been a face sleeper, and now that I'm old as dirt, it's a nightmare! I wake up every morning with EXTRA lines on my face. I keep trying to train myself to back sleep, but no such luck. Good luck to you. Don't worry about bedtime. When the demands of school become pressing, you'll naturally start getting stricter about it. You're doing GREAT.