Tuesday, March 6, 2012

RTT: Lots-o-rando

Hey-O!  Another Tuesday so let's get random!

I watched GCB last night (taped from Sunday) and it was pretty hilarious.  I watched Football Wives Dallas and GCB depicted the ladies a lot like the wives of the Dallas Cowboys.  I wouldn't have even believed people are like that in real life but after seeing it I believe it!

I made appetizers for dinner tonight.  Delicious.  We had a spread of cheese dip, mixed veggies and dip, buffalo wings and little smokies.  Not anything healthy but we all loved it! 

We started a new health initiative at work on Sunday.  The point is to eat 3 servings of green fruits an veggies 5 days a week and get 1 hour of exercise 5 days a week.  I have the exercise done 2 days already this week and the veggies done once.  And today at the store I bought some good stuff to help me get my 3 servings every day.  Also, please disregard what I wrote about what we had for dinner because I'm pretty sure it voided all the exercise I've done the past two days.  A thing that's nice about this challenge is the fact that we have partners.  So if I don't do it I'm not just letting myeslf down I'm letting my partner down.  So I have accountability.  So we'll see how I do.

It's Girl Scout cookie time.  Unfortunately I gave up sweets for Lent so the cookies I've bought have gone in the freezer.  And speaking of Lent, I have been on Pinterest and looking through cookbooks and have seen so many desserts.  And then I read a blogpost about stress eating and desserts.  Check it out.  And this is really strange but I feel like I'm being tempted big time.  And so diggint out my old Catholic teachings it really is like the devil is vying for me and is trying to tempt me into eating sweets.  Well so far so good.  And now I am getting off my church box!

We finally got a crib for Jacoby!  He has been sleeping in the pack and play because our crib that we had for Leo was recalled due to the drop-rail side.  So I finally just broke down and got one.  And I got the model I wanted but they didn't have the color I wanted.  I was so bummed.  But for the price it was I wasn't going to wait.

We decided to send Leo to the Catholic school here in town.  It's the church we (Leo and I) go to and the hubby went to a Catholic school when he was a kid and really liked it so we decided on that.  That's also where Leo did his shadow day so I'm kind of hoping he gets that teacher because he seemed to like her and keeps talking about her.  It would just be nice for him to see a familiar face when he starts in the fall.

I emailed my partner from the V-day swap I talked about here to see if she at least received my package I sent (that's what he said! ).  And I didn't hear anything back.  I also never received anything.  I saw on the host's twitter page a picture of something she got in the exchange so I know that things have been sent out.  Soooo that will probably be the last swap I do for a while.  Such a bummer!

And that's the random for the day.  Make sure to visit Stacy and keep the rebel randoming alive!


Megan said...

I love random blogging days. Mine have been that a lot lately! I have been trying to eat healthy, but it hasn't been working out. Haha!

Kendra said...

I definitely think most of my posts are random but this gives me a whole day to just throw stuff out there!

Stacy Uncorked said...

I watched GCB yesterday too - and thought it was pretty hilarious. I'll be watching it again. ;)

The appetizers sound delicious...good thing you worked out a couple days this week already. ;) I need to increase my fruits and veggies intake - as well as my water intake. Especially water, I'm terrible about drinking it because it's so boring. :)

We don't have Girl Scout cookies here...yet. They're apparently scheduled to descend on the local grocery store parking lots sometime next week - I think it has something to do with avoiding the dumpage of snow we usually get in February...which we didn't get all winter this year. :)

Yay for getting a crib for Jacoby! Sorry it wasn't the color you wanted, but at least it was the model you wanted. :)

I hope Jacoby gets the same teacher he shadowed - it does help when there's a familiar face when they start school.

That's such a bummer you never heard back from your swap partner - that's one of the reasons I avoided doing swaps for a long time...until running across Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn's swap...they did such a wonderful job with communication throughout the whole thing, as well as the magical pairing of swap partners. If they do another one in the future, join that one - it'll make up (and then some) for the one you got burned on. :)

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Stacy Uncorked said...

Ooops - sorry, I didn't mean to go on and on and on in your comment section...heh! Guess I'm a little more than slightly wordy tonight! :)