Friday, March 16, 2012

Random things seen and heard on my first day of vacation...

Today was my first day of vacation.  And I have needed it.  But I had to cram in stuff on my vacation because I don't always know when I'm going to have dyas off.  So this morning I had an eye appointment, annual checkup and then a meeting for Leo for Kindergarten enrollment.  Here are just a few of the things that I've seen and heard today that I've found strange...

  • Some girl at the doctor's office (who wasn't even a patient) was trying to get a walk-in appointment because she had seen her doctor yesterday and he had given her a medicine and she was having a reaction.  A reaction that was making her freak the eff out.  She was all jittery and scratching at herself.  The doctor didn't have an opening apparently and she left all crazy-eyed.
  • Another person at the doctor's office was into oversharing to the receptionist.  She said she wanted to see the doctor even though all she needed was lab work done becuase SHE HAD LOST 70 POUNDS and she wanted OFF THAT MEDICINE. (it's all in caps because she was yelling!).  It took everything I had not to turn around and look at who was talking. She ended up walking by me but what I really wanted to say was...uh, you lost 70 pounds?!  Can I get some of that medicine! :)
  • At the Kindergarten meeting this evening there was a mother who started nursing her baby during the meeting.  I'm all for breast-feeding but I'm also all for doing it in the privacy of my home.  I'm not judging her for doing it there, even though it was only a 30 minute meeting, but I just think that you could at least sit in the back of the room instead of the front!  Also, I don't care that she did it but I just don't feel comfortable doing that.  And she was covered up so there's that too.
  • Also at the Kindergarten meeting we were waiting to sign in when the principal started the meeting with a prayer.  So I didn't go ahead and sign in during prayer.  There was another person behind me whose daughter saw a friend who was ahead of me with her parent signing in.  So the little girl walked up to her friend and stood there during the prayer.  After the prayer was finished it was my turn to sign in but since the little girl had gone up to the table the mom cut in front of me and signed in. She at least turned around and was like, Oh I cut in front of you.  I'm sorry.  But all I could think was if that's how you act how is your kid going to act.  But that was just me being snarky!
So there you have it.  Some fun for your Friday!

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Mrs. Ruby said...

VERY interesting day you had! Some people are so odd/rude.

P.S. I say this everytime, but your family is SO CUTE! :)