Thursday, October 23, 2008

Small victories

So I know I haven't posted in a while and this one is going to be quick, but we have had a small victory in the Fernandez household. Leo has slept in his own bed for 5 nights in a row! That is ever so exciting since he will be 20 months old tomorrow (I can't freaking believe it!). Anywho...he will go through (short) phases where he will sleep in his own bed and I will be in heaven, but the last time he did that he got sick with the rotovirus and then got chicken pox a month later and boy was sleeping in his own bed screwed up after that! So, we went to KC for the weekend and Leo stayed with my folks and he sleeps in his own bed there and so we made him sleep in his own bed every night since then. So I am thrilled to have 1/2 of the bed to myself! And now the next big thing to break him of is his bottle. Any suggestions would be fabulous!


CC said...

Yay for sleeping in his own bed!! When I have kids that is one thing I'm going to hate to have to give up for a know, my absolute love of sprawling and taking up a much space in my bed as I'm allowed? Man, oh man, my kids better learn fast, mama likes her bed and mama likes to sleep so stay in your own bed!! lol..i'm going to make such a great mother huh?!

Super Mom said...

You know, I have always made my kids sleep in their own bed, from about 3 months on. I just remember going to work and hearing co-workers talk about how their son was 4 or 5 and she was wishing he would sleep in his own bed - I vowed that would NEVER be me!!! :) Congrats on the "own bed" thing, it is a wonderful thing.

And on bottles, I don't worry too much, as long as he isn't just drinking them, and not eating real food.

Mia only gets one, and it is at night for bedtime. One good trick is to start lowering the about of formula you add to the water (like for 6 oz bottle, only put in 2 scoops, then only one)and eventually you will get to just a bottle of water for bed, and they will start pushing it away. If you are giving them real milk, then start watering it down... eventually THEY will decide they don't want it anymore (because it doesn't taste the same) and it's better that they decide, then for you tell them "no more".

OH and don't let them see you water down the milk, or they get pissed. :)

That's what worked for Josie, and I have started it with Mia. Hopefully she will be off the last one within a couple weeks.

Good luck!

Needsleepy said...

I have to say that when it came to sleeping arrangements, I was fortunate enough to not have that problem. My kids never slept in our bed. Not sure how that happened lol I do know many people who have come across that problem, so BIG kudos for you!! I am told it is one of the hardest things to break.
As for the bottle, I felt my children were easy to ween. Instead of writing it all out, if you are interested give me a call and I will tell you my best stratigies. Children are BIG on routines, so it is a combination of changing the routine and still giving them security. Both are huge factors. Even if you feel you have no do, you just have to label it for what it is lol Call me!