Friday, June 4, 2010

3 day weekends make 4 day work weeks...who knew?

So, this week has been incredibly busy seeing that the weekend was so long leaving the same amount of work to get done in less time. Work has been incredibly hectic and I have been a bad blogger because I am also trying to get stuff taken care of at home because I have a busy couple of weeks coming up.

Tuesday I took my little monkey to the zoo to see his brothers and sisters (hehe!) and my mom joined us. We have a membership to the zoo so I figured we need to get as much use out of it as we can. We had so much fun even though it was SO hot. And we even hit up a few areas that we miss because I always forget about them and the way we circle around it's always towards the end and then I'm just ready to go. But so much fun!

Wednesday I had to open the branch so I got off work at 1. So I got on my to-do horse and started working harder than when I was at work. Well after I hit the tanning salon. What? A girl's gotta get her tan on before I blind people with my bridesmaids dress! But after that I got down to business. I cleaned out the monkey's room of some of his old clothes and blankets and got a huge tote and one garbage sack full of stuff to put in the garage sale. I also cleaned out and organized our hall closet. Then I had to pick up Leo from daycare. After we got home I cleaned out the refrigerator, cleaned the kitchen, mopped the floor and cooked dinner. Boy was I tired at the end of the day!

And then yesterday and today I am working open to close shifts (9:30-8) at the branch and then Saturday I am hitting the road for a girl's weekend. It is also my birthday tomorrow. I am goingto Kansas City because my old roommate is getting married and I am staying with a few friends and then we are supposed to be going to brunch Sunday and then I will head back to make it back in time for our work picnic. It is at a small amusement park-type that also has miniature golf. We will get free admission and food, so I couldn't pass up on taking the little one. It will be his first time there and I think he will have so much fun! So that is my plan for the rest of the weekend.

Next week is equally as busy because I have no early days so I will have to spend my evenings continuing to get ready for the garage sale the weekend of the 12th and then in 3 weeks is my brother's wedding. I am SO excited! So busy, busy, busy but definitely worth it! I hope everyone else has a good weekend!

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Heather said...

I took my little monkey to the zoo to see his brothers and sisters! LOL!!!

I have been a bad blogger too! So sorry I'm late for your birthday.


Girl, all that work! You'll be glad to get away for a bit!!
Hope you have a great time and don't forget to show some pics of that bridesmaid dress!