Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Random Thoughts Tuesday: You know...

It's Tuesday. Random up...

You know you're leading a healthier lifestyle when you make mac and cheese for your little one and you don't even sneak a bite. Not even when you are putting the leftovers away!

You know your problems are minute when you hear from a co-worker that another co-worker's husband passed away. Very weird conversation to have, especially because he was only in his 40's.

You know you're on vacation when you don't force your kid down for a nap and let him take one at 5 and sleep until 7. Not too big of a deal when he doesn't have to be at school the next morning!

You also know you're on vacation when you don't care about money. We're not even going on a "real" vacation and I'm like, meh, we'll manage somehow!

You know you're a cool mom when you are super excited about going to a cooking class with my little one tomorrow!

You also know you're a good mom when, even though your kid hasn't been on their best behavior while their cousin is visiting, you let your little one play outside for awhile even though naptime did not occur. (Let me tell you...this one backfired because apparently naptime is a must-have in the heat because the tiredness made playtime last about 30 minutes before major meltdown occured. Which led to the above when naptime came at 5!)

There's my random and I'm sticking to it. To see more random head over to www.theunmom.com. See what's happening over there!


VandyJ said...

Naptime is sacred at our house because cranky toddler make for a cranky mom.

Heather said...

Now how is that healthy to avoid the mac and cheese? Sounds more like torture to me!

Must have NAPS!! Even I need a nap.

Have a good time at the cooking class.