Tuesday, June 15, 2010

RTT: When Happy Thoughts Just Aren't Enough

Well this weekend was fantastic. And by fantastic I mean completely unfantastic!

I participated in a garage sale. And while the company was nice the traffic was not. We didn't sell much and I made $80. And yes, while that was $80 more than I had to start with I wish I would have made more.

My car was finally fixed and it should be fixed for good but we'll see. My little Ford Escort, which Ford no longer makes, decided to go kapoot because of one silly part. The part that is obsolete because they no longer make my car. So my dear hubby, my dad and 2 of his buddies had to figure out how to fix it. And while I appreciate all their hard work and 2+hours of labor I hope it stays fixed. I really hope they knew what they were doing! Because if not...I will have to get a new car. And my budget does not like the sound of that. But what can you do?!

A few good things happened this weekend! Music Theater started in Wichita and the first show was Gypsy. It was pretty good. I kind of felt bad for the character Gypsy because seriously...whose mother willingly puts their child into the stripper busines.

Another good thing that happened was my car go fixed! Even though I complained about it before I'm really happy because my baby car gets good gas mileage, it's paid off and I like it! So yay!

And finally...my little heathen was horrible this weekend! He decided this weekend that everything was a gun and he needed to shoot us as much as possible and then everytime he thought about super heroes and even Buzz Lightyear (which was a lot since Toy Story and then Toy Story 2 both played on ABC Family last night) he decided that we were the bad guys and we needed to be attacked. I know that he's just being a little boy but dang...he's strong! So I need some strength to deal with a little boy!

More Random can be found over at www.theunmom.com. I'm sure some people's are more upbeat than mine! Happy randomizing!


Lucy said...

You are just having the usual worries of money and kids. Joe gets many parts for our older cars at junk car yards. Or he used to, not so much now wbut we do get rebuilt parts from an out here in Lincoln and they work and cost less than half of the new price. I hope you feel better about everything and I bet they got it fixed.

Lanie Ree said...

Car troubles are the worst! They make everything else in life so much more difficult. I feel your pain.

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Jennifer said...

glad u got ur car fixed before you give in to a new car though yall may check some junk yards for the part! never know! sounds like you had a roya l blast though!

Heather said...

Yard sale money gone, but yeah car fixed!

Bright side..At least the monkey was getting the bad guys instead of being the bad guy.

Heather said...

BTW...Love the new look of your blog!

kendrasue said...

Thanks for the happy thoughts everyone! I was just having a bad day so I took it out on my blog! Thing will get better...they always do!

And Heather...thanks for noticing the change on my blog. Thought I would try out something new!