Wednesday, June 16, 2010


This weeks Spin Cycle was mystery spin. I hadn't participated in a while so I figured a mystery spin would give me enough intrigue to start back up. So I sent my email over to Jen and she sent me one back to blog about LOVE. I have blogged many times over about my love of my family and how they are what keeps me around so this blog about love is going to be about things I love right this minute! summer are root beer floats? I love root beer floats and wish we had an A&W here in town. There is one where my in-laws live and believe me...we will be hitting it up when we go there for vacation in a few weeks!
Again, America's Pasttime centers around baseball and my favorite team is the Kansas City Royals. They aren't doing so hot this year, but hopefully they can at least keep on pace and go out at .500 this year!

Maxi dresses are super cute and I really want one. But I'm not sure how it would look on my extremely short/stumpy body. But a girl can dream!

This show is awesome! It's on Mondays on Fox and it is really good. I read a review that said it wasn't believable, but I really enjoy it even if I have to suspend reality for awhile!

And finally...grilling. The above steak and veggies look delicious but we normally grill hamburgers and chicken. But grilling after a day at work just makes the night a little better! Ahhh summer!
So that is what I am loving right this minute. To see other mystery spins check out


Patty O. said...

Mmmm...those root beer floats are making my mouth water. And there really is nothing better than A&W floats.

I have "Lie to Me" on my netflix queue, but wasn't sure if I would like it. Hearing your review, I am definitely going to push it to the top of the queue. Great spin!

VandyJ said...

Grilling is one of our favorite summer pasttimes too. Love those summer evenings!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Great spin. Lots of things to love about summer.

Sprite's Keeper said...

How did I miss this? So sorry! I absolutely miss root bear floats! I haven't had one since last summer and now that it's time again, I will be gunning for one this weekend! You're linked!