Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bad Pet Owner

I took Freckles to the vet today. I'm not that great about doing it because as a human we don't even go to the doctor nearly as much as we need to for the necessary check-ups and we even have insurance to cover those costs. So it's been about a year and half instead of the usual year. I went in and they checked her out. They told me she has really bad tartar on her teeth and I should think about getting her teeth cleaned. If I didn't it could cause the bacteria to go to something or other and cause a heart murmur. I've had Freckles teeth cleaned before and it cost over $100 because she's older and has to be put under and blah blah blah. But I was thinking about it. But then they finished the exam and told me that she already has a heart murmur. So does it make me a bad pet owner that since she already has the murmur I don't feel it necessary to get her teeth cleaned? I don't know. I guess I feel like all dogs went before without getting their teeth cleaned back in the day and Freckles is 13 so according to the vet she is getting up on her life expectancy. We're just kind of biding our time. Maybe that makes me a bad pet owner but she can eat just fine and she even still chews on bones without any problems.

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Heather said...

I had Taco's teeth done in 02' and I ended up spending an extra hundred on top off what they quoted me, because apperently Taco had a reaction to the drug they used and they had to give him an alernative drugs to wake him up. I nearly lost him all from a stupid dental cleaning and they had the nerve to charge me for saving his life from something that was their fault. Hubby refuses to ever do it again.

I don't think it is being a bad pet owner. None of my other dogs have ever gotten their teeth done either. Heck I can't even get mine done!!