Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Random Thoughts that are so random because I have to go back to work today

Argh. It's Tuesday. Which means I'm back at work today. After 11 days of vacation. So not cool. And my boss scheduled me for an open to close. So I'm pretty sure she was pissed about me being on vacation and wanted to rub it in my face since she will now be on vacation this week.

So to keep it random head over to visit Keely over at http://www.theunmom.com/. I'm sure she'll keep it random. But I'll throw some random your way. If you like it you can keep it, if not throw it back. I won't know either way. Because you can't really throw or catch words. Unless you're throwing a dictionary. But that would hurt probably.

Yeah, so that whole last sentence series was random and not even on purpose. So let the real random begin.

Vacation was pretty good. We had 2 weddings and the 4th of July all squished together in those 11 days. It was pretty busy. But I did read 3 books. That was nice. We also went to Dodge City to visit the hubby's family. While there we do much of anything but we did get to go to Boot Hill. That was pretty fun. And I spent $18 on fudge and lemon heads. I'm pretty sure that was the most ridiculous amount of money spent this week.

We also got to go to the A&W. And I got a root beer float. It was delicious. But I weighed myself when we got home. Yep. I gained 5 pounds. Jillian will be so disappointed in me. I must get back on the program. And I will. So I'll keep you semi-posted on my progress.

After bragging about Leo and his potty-training goodness he had 2 accidents while in Dodge. I know it was just because he was too busy playing with his cousins to sense "the feeling" of needing to go to the bathroom but annoying none the less. At least neither time was while we were sleeping because that would have been a rude wake-up call.

He also was a holy terror almost the whole week. But there were glimpses of the sweet angel that he can be. It's so frustrating. I'm still reading Scream-Free Pareting and trying to use some of the tactics but it's really hard. So if anyone wants a free 3yo let me know! :)

I think my dog is pissed off at me because she keeps running away. When we were dealing with our ant problem I had to spray her dog dish because they were attacking her food. I just left it outside because I didn't want to bring the ants back in so she is having to eat her food outside in a not normally used food dish. So I think she is plotting against me so every time I leave her outside for longer than 5 minutes she escapes. So if you also want a 13yo shih tzu let me know. I can give you a good deal if you take both of them! :)

That's all I have for today which is enough. Like I said...go visit Keely and check out her random. It's always very random!


slommler said...

I don't think I need a three year old or the doggie!! I am fine just like I am...pet free and toddler free!!
Great random!!

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

3 is such a hard age. Have you read Dare to Discipline or The Strong Willed Child. Those were the ones I relied on with my strong willed kids.

Hope work wasn't too bad for you today. The first day back from vacation is always hard.

Heather said...

I'm sure in time you will look back on the issues with the Monkey at 3 and you will be amazed you made it through.

The dog escaping, I have no answers for. Funny how some dogs are just born to wonderers.

Sorry your vacation is over, always such a bummer.