Saturday, July 24, 2010

My First Wedding

Ok, so I've only been married once and that's as many times as I plan on getting married but this week's spin cycle is about firsts. And I've seen a few other posts from people lately about their weddings and it brought back memories!

My wedding was almost 6 years ago. I remember staying at my parents house the night before the wedding instead of staying at our home with my future husband. I remember waking up super early because I was so excited. My mom, my maid of honor and I all headed to the salon to get our hair done. It was early but we had to be at the church by probably noonish for pictures.

Once at the church getting ready the rest of my bridesmaids showed up. We finished up and headed upstairs for pictures. Everyone looked so perfect in their tuxes and dresses. It was an extremely hot day (it was August in Kansas!) and I remember I had my makeup bag in my friends car and after the wedding I grabbed my stuff to put in the hubs car and my concealer had exploded! Whoops! The service went well and there were no mishaps or falls. Thank goodness!

The reception was awesome. We had a good friend DJ the dance part and my uncles made their famous (at least in my family!) bbq. We also had a lot of help with the other food and my aunts were very helpful in helping make sure that the food was always stocked for the people at the reception. The reception was held at the churches activity hall which also acts as the school gym. That was not where it was supposed to be originally but it all worked out. We had a balcony area where the head table sat and my mom had even rented a red carpet that you had to walk on to get up to the head table. It was so cool! Everything turned out really well and we got to see and spend time with good friends and family!

**These memories brought to you by the spin cycle. has other peoples firsts as well.**


Sprite's Keeper said...

Lovely! My first wedding was wonderful too. In fact, I sometimes think it was better than the second one. Maybe I should write about that? :-)
You're linked!

Heather said...

Wow! Sounds like you had a big wedding and a lovely one too!
May your first be your one and only!

Captain Dumbass said...

Mmm... bbq. Huh? Oh, good post.

VandyJ said...

My wedding was simple and relatively small. What I remember of it was lovely--nerves made the day kind of a blur. Cool spin!

Kate said...

Everyone always remembers their wedding. Good memories!

Heather said...

I just wanted to let you know that the URL's of my blogs have changed.