Sunday, July 11, 2010

Oh dear

You know your son watches his dad play too many video games when

a) he uses the roll of wrapping paper as his "gun" to shoot the bears that are apparently gallivanting around our living room

b) he used his Star Wars toy that had a sharp edge to play the game that was on daddy's game. It's where a guy uses a knife and goes as fast as he can between his fingers. I couldn't help but laugh.


c) When talking to his aunt about going to Colorado and she told him she saw deer he asked her if she shot them.

If anyone's wondering, the game is Red Dead Redemption. It's about a cowboy that travels the country and Mexico. It is definitely not appropriate for a 3yo but I love seeing the togetherness between my 2 boys. And he's seeing a lot of animals...bears, snorthogs (hehe, Leo's version of warthog), deer, birds and horses.

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Heather said...

Maybe dad could play something more kid freindly when having his togetherness with the Monkey.