Monday, July 12, 2010

Very Odd

I have some family members that help run an Anime Festival here in Wichita and it's a pretty big deal I guess. Definitely not for me because I am not into that at all but I agreed to volunteer because it helps out my family and volunteering is a good thing that I want to pass on to Leo. So I went this morning at 8 to the hotel where the convention was being held. I got to my station and just sat back and watched. And all the crazies came out. It was so weird! People were in costumes that were so odd. I saw a grown man in a dragon costume, a man in a woman's dress with some platform shoes and a red wig and even whole families dressed up together. I'm all for to each their own, but WOW! And I also know that I put myself in a situation that I knew would make me uncomfortable. But if I were playing a drinking game for every time I saw some kid with an emo combover I would have been hammered by 9am! I also of course saw the stereotypical girl was talking about how every time she was bored she thought about death. I was laughing about that. There was also a boy who bought his ticket and when I told him where to sign up for door prizes and the agenda for the day he just gave a huge sigh and was like, I won't win anyways. It was so funny. Just thought I would share!


Lucy said...

Now that would be an experience!! Did you say Wichita? I bet that was kind of funny but as you said odd.

Heather said...

Strange indeed! The man in the dress would have sent me into a laughing fit! They just look so funny, trying to be a girl!

Good for you for volunteering.