Wednesday, November 9, 2011

ornament swap: part 1

2 posts in one day? Shut the front door! But because of my thankful posts (that I was so awesomely given time to prepare to post on the given day by my thoughtful infant at midnight last night when he WOULD. NOT. SLEEP.) are set to post then if I get around to posting then there will be duplicates. Awesome!

But I was over visiting Megan at Mackey Madness and she and another blogger got together to do an ornament swap. And I always see swap blogs and I always want to participate but never know what to do and really if I want to get that into it and spend that much money but this one was simple. An ornament. With a $15 limit. And I was so there! So I'm super excited to see who I get paired up with and then of course see what I get! So fun! And if you want to participate too it seems like the more the merrier so click the link above! Or just click over to see Megan because her blog is super cute! :)

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