Tuesday, November 15, 2011

RTT: Where is my time going?

It's Tuesday again.  And I can't believe that it is already the middle of November!  Yikes!  Only 5 1/2 more weeks of maternity leave!  But enough about the mundane...let's get to the random!

Last night we had a first for the Fernandez family.  Leo threw a temper tantrun in Target.  Oh my goodness it was horrifying.  He kept running off and this was after we had let him look at the toys.  We had a house showing so we had to escape the house for an hour and thought Target would give us something we could do.  And even though we let him do what he wanted first he kept running (literally) back to the toys.  Finally we had enough and were trying to leave and he just sat down on the floor and started crying.  I couldn't believe it.  I hate the people whose kids do that.  And then I became one.  But at least I did what I always said I would do when I see those people.  I just picked him up and walked out of the store.  I was not about to let him make a full-on scene. Ridiculous.

Do any of you follow the NBA?  Just within the past year have I really watched much of it and I don't have a favorite team or anything (although I do despise the Lakers!).  But these whole lockouts with the NFL and NBA have really annoyed me.  I know it is all a money thing and that I think is what makes it even worse.  When there are so many people out there with literally nothing and these people are griping over 51% control or 47% control of the money I think it is disgusting.  I also wonder about the kids who left college early to go to the NBA. They aren't getting paid AND they didn't finish their college degrees.  Awesome decision making boys!

I know 2 people within the last month that have uprooted themselves from Kansas and moved to California for a job.  I was talking to the hubby about this last night and thought how weird that would be.  I am a homebody and I admit that.  I also don't have a career that would take me different places.  Although with banking I could go anywhere with it.  BUT I would not look outside of this area for a job.  I just don't have the nerve to strike up a job halfway across the country. 

I've seen a lot of people posting about fall flavors and what they are looking forward to eating and I was like...I don't have anything like that that I'm looking forward to.  Then I saw a commercial for Braums and their peppermint ice cream.  And now I've been craving it since last week.  I think I need to make a trip to Braums to right this.

Why is it that every time I sit down to do something (ie: blog, eat, take a shower, etc.) the baby starts crying.  I remember this being a trend when Leo was little but for real.  I just want to eat hot food, not take the fastest shower imaginable, right a coherent blog post, etc!  Oh well.  He's worth it! :)

The family has been asking for Christmas lists and for Leo the list is easy.  But for me...not so much.  I'm not really sure what I want for Christmas.  Maybe a full nights sleep!

Did you guys see the Hunger Games trailer that they premiered yesterday?  I am so excited for that movie to come out!  Only a few more months!  I hope that it is as good as the books were.  I know that is hard to do but if they can be about 3/4 as good then I will be happy!

Finally...college basketball is among us!  Woot woot!  Last night started the 24 hours of college basketball tip-off on ESPN.  The first game started at 11 and ends with the KU game tonight at 8.  I think that the KU game is an excellent way to end the day!  It has also been nice to be able to watch basketball while getting up to feed the baby throughout the night.  I say that because I don't want to start watching a show becuase I will get into it and then won't want to stop watching when I need to be going back to sleep.  But basketball, especially if it's not a team I particularly care about, I can watch for a little bit and then stop!

Ok.  That was quite a bit of random!  And if you follow me on Twitter most of these have been thoughts from the last week but you got a little more than 140 characters!  So happy Tuesday!  And to see other random check out Stacy

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Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

I hate the in store temper tantrums! I do the same and take her straight out.

Oh, and ask for babysitting vouchers instead of gifts! It means longer showers! lol :)

Don't make the same mistake we did and go across the country for a job. The West Coast is more expensive, too - so you think you're making more money when you really aren't. We can't wait to move back home now!