Tuesday, November 8, 2011

RTT: I'm too tired for a title...

Hi hi! It's Tuesday. The 4th Tuesday of my maternity leave. That means only 6 more weeks until I have to go back to work. Bummer! But that means 6 weeks left with my sweet boys so I need to make the most of them! Blogging has definitely been put on the back burner and so I figured I'd try to get back in the swing of things by doing a random Tuesday. Because that's easy enough right?!

Being a "stay at home mom" for these past few weeks have learned me something. And that something is that I was not meant to be a stay at home mom. I learned this when I was on maternity leave with Leo too. I love my boys and I love spending time with them but seriously...I need some conversation in my life. And when it's just Jacoby and me on the days that Leo goes to school I don't talk to anyone until the hubby gets home. And that is hard for my mind. Maybe if I was a for real stay at home mom I would have other moms to chat with but that wouldn't be every day. I need to be able to make jokes and talk to other adults. It has also sucked all the creativity from me. I had all these grand plans for the days that Leo stayed home but I'm just not feeling it. I did play Legos and color with him last week but today with him here I just have no energy. I'm sure that's because I was up 3 times during the night but still. I feel like I should be doing something. And the blogging? Yeah, non-existent. Even though most of my blogs tend to be about the kiddos I think when I think about them all day I don't find the things they do or say quite as funny as I do when I am not surrounded by them.

On the upside I have been cooking almost every day since the hubby went back to work last week. The first few weeks we survived on meals people brought us and fast food but now that we got back in the swing of things I have been making dinner every night. And I have a meal plan for the next 2 weeks and my groceries are bought and we have stayed on track so far! Such a save on money!

I did bake a pumpkin pie a few weeks ago and the crust broke while in the oven and the pie leaked over the edge. I had no idea how to clean a non-self-cleaning oven and so I let it sit there while I continued to cook things. Well the other night the hubby was "cooking" a frozen pizza and I saw smoke coming from the oven. I said something because he was standing right there and he opened the oven door and the flipping oven was on fire. We had no idea what to do and of course we don't have a fire extinguisher. Quite the excitement at 10 at night! Thankfully it was not a big fire and it went out on it's own. Needless to say I bought some oven cleaner (which they sale at Wal-Mart! :) and went to town cleaning my oven. I had to do it twice because that pie filling was caked on pretty good. But now the oven is as good as new!

And speaking of my oven and cooking meals...it is clean and ready to be used just in time for my hubby's birthday! It is tomorrow and I have a big ol' meal planned for it! I am making a turkey and all the Thanksgiving works for him because he loves that stuff! So we will be having turkey, stuffing, rolls, mashed potatoes, corn and pumpkin pie! Yum! He is not a fan of the birthdays and it makes him think about his mortality every year but I figured something nice would maybe make it a little better!

Did you guys realize it's November? Holy cow. That means that Christmas is just under 2 months away! Yikes! I haven't even started Christmas shopping unless you count the cashews I bought my dad from my friend's daughter who is in Girl Scouts! The hubby and I don't exchange presents for Christmas but this year we have talked about needing a new computer and how a laptop is really what we want so I think we're going to get one. Granted, it's not really for Christmas because I'm pretty sure we're going to get it this week but still. I'm saying it's for Christmas because it's close enough! I'm kind of excited. I've never had a laptop before. Hopefully it works better than the computer we have now!

Ok. That's all I have right now. I'm hoping to start blogging at least once a week but I think I said that 2 weeks ago and you see how that's turned out. But Stacy is the heir to the queen of Random and she rocks so go visit her and the others who are randoming out today!


I am Harriet said...

I remember going back to work after I had my first child. It was a great feeling to be able to read a magazine at work on my downtime.

Have a great Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

November totally snuck up on me; my brain is definitely still in October!

Christina - Rant Rave Roll said...

Time to start the Christmas shopping if you haven't already. I love pumpkin pie. It amazing home much you miss the adult conversations once your not having them. Even gossip is welcome.

Stacy Uncorked said...

That's definitely something I miss after having been in the Corporate World for so long - the human interaction with other adults! :)

Princess Nagger has requested I make a pumpkin pie for her birthday - which is cool, because I prefer pumpkin pie over cake any day. Though she still wants an Angry Birds cake for her birthday party. ;)

If you do get a laptop, you'll love the untethered mode it gives you - once I went laptop I never went back! ;)