Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fun times and crazy people

Last night I went to a bar in the ICT for a friends birthday. We had a great time and it was karaoke and I had never even been to a karaoke night anywhere! So we promptly got our name on the list to sing a little Journey's "Don't Stop Believing." we were there some of my friends other friends showed up. And in an earlier post I had put that I am not a very good friend. Well it almost seemed like these friends were worse. Who knew that was possible right?!? Anyways...her best friend showed up with her boyfriend in tow and they sat in the booth across from us all night making out. And not just a little PDA here and there, hard-core sucking face. I told the hubby that they were like eating each others faces and he promptly told me that was cannibalism. I agreed but he wasn't far from the truth. It was pretty disgusting! Another one of her friends came out but didn't stay very long and all she did was sit in the booth and stare at all of us. It was really weird!

I had also invited my friend who had left the bank (who I also spoke about in a previous post!) and we chatted about her upcoming nuptials and we bought drinks for the birthday girl. It was very nice to see her again and not discuss work even once! I guess I just figured that these people are closer to the birthday girl than I am (and we have become a lot closer over the last few months, but more work friends then going out friends) but I was acting like the better friend. I even drove her home. I didn't even drink because I knew I had to drive home. So I sat there from 9-alomst 1 without drinking anything and watching everyone else drink. It was a good time. Now comes the part about the karaoke!

My main reason for going other than the birthday was for karaoke! I had never karaoked and I really wanted to. But the thing is, no matter how much I am looking forward to something I still get really nervous about being in front of people and the bar was PACKED! So when we were "on deck" I started to get sweaty palms syndrome. Then we were next I got the butterflies in the stomach and my body was shaking. We totally pulled it off though and we rocked the house! I don't think we sang exceptionally well, but we were having fun and putting on a good show. Someone even took a picture of us (which was kinda weird, but whatever!!!).

The funniest thing about karaoke though were the people that took it ridiculously serious. There were guys there singing show tunes. Now I don't mind show tunes but not when I am in a bar! I want good music! Dancing music. And the guy leading the karaoke sang the most crass song I have ever heard. I don't even know who it was by, but the title was F*&# her gently. And he walked around the bar and was grinding on people. And let me tell you, this dude was not good looking. He had long scraggly hair and a creepy hat. Seriously dude, don't be creepy!

So that was my weekend! I got home about 1:30 and hopped in the shower to wash off the stink of smoke (unfortunately the bar was not smoke free) and got to bed. Woke up this morning ready for the super bowl. We aren't doing anything exciting, just gonna make some enchiladas and cheese dip and hunker down for the night! I hope all of your weekends were excellent and the team you favor wins the Super Bowl!


Super Mom said...

That is hilarious, me and Shelly sang Karaoke Saturday night too!! We sang Creep by Radiohead (had a small crowd in front of the stage cheering for us) and Live Like You Were Dying (some country song, but I knew the words - we were invited to join another duo lol).

Karaoke is so fun! We should all go do it together sometime!!!! :)

kendrasue said...

That is funny...because I saw Andy and Sara S at the Chalet where we were!