Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm done

Have you ever had someone that you worked with that knew they were leaving so they just quit working. I am dealing with that right now. We have an employee that is leaving our branch and transferring to a different department. NOT EVEN LEAVING THE BANK! And he told me straight up that he had already checked out. I am his superior (not like I care or anything for business purposes) but I would never tell a supervisor that. I might tell my spouse or my co-workers but never my boss. It kills me. And the main reason that it is annoying me so much is because I am going to have to be the one that cleans up his messes and Kendra no likey. Just wanted to throw that out there!

So, yeah, one other little note...I am a huge Washington Redskins fan and I just heard on ESPN that they are paying Albert Haynesworth $100 million dollars! I don't know for how long, probably 4ish years but honestly. Is anyone worth that much money? I wouldn't turn it down, but I'm just saying! We are complaining about bailing out companies and this dude alone is going to make $100 million dollars! Crazy!

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Brooke said...

You are so right about all that money. I was so upset when I heard that the other day. Think of all the things that could happen with that money.... teachers, schools, books, medical care for kids... it's just crazy that anyone person would make that much money when teachers are making 20K. It's sad really.