Thursday, February 26, 2009

How does it happen?

I don't understand how in 3 days a house can become a pigsty? Honestly. All we have are 2 adults and one terror but I don't see how it happens. I am not a neat and tidy person. I will gladly admit that, but it is so hard to keep a house clean when I get home from work and all my child wants to do is create more terror. I had to put the puzzles out of reach because he would always just dump the pieces on the floor and walk away. Why why why? So I think I am going to have to come up with a way to keep all of his toys out of reach and when he wants one to get it out and when he is done with it put it away and get a different one. But in a house that is not that big where do you put that stuff? We barely have room for his baby stuff that we don't use anymore and now he keeps accumulating more and more toys. And the hubster won't let me get rid of any. Honestly, does he need 17 different types of balls? I don't think so. Does a basketball goal need to be inside of the house? Heck no! But am I allowed to take it to the garage? Oh noooo...I think the hubby gets more enjoyment out of shooting hoops than little man does. What a punk! Anyways....all you moms out there if you have any ideas on how to keep the house picked up for more than a few days I would love the advice! Thanks!

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Brooke said...

I know how you feel. We don't even have children and I feel like I am always cleaning up. For the husband, I make him a list of things to clean. Once he got a taste of it he started picked up after himself a little at a time so all day Sunday wasn't spent cleaning.
My cousin has a rule for the child in her home... if she steps on it out it goes. Right into the trash. The idea being if you don't care enough to take care of it - you don't need it.
A cooler, and less mean, rule we had at my house growing up is however many gifts you got for Christmas you gave the same number of older ones to charity. That makes Christmas lists lighter too! Don't ask for something if you aren't prepared to give an old thing up for it : )