Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bite me

At what point do you believe your 2-year-old? I posted on facebook that my son told us that a little girl bit him and he does have a mark on his arm. It does not look like a bite mark and it is on the same arm where he took a dive earlier in the evening. It seems unbelievable that the fall could have caused the mark though as well. I'm not really sure if I should ask if this little girl did in fact bite him or even just grab and scratch. I really haven't had a problem with this particular child in his class but she is kind of a diva because her grandparents own the place. I don't really have much tact so I don't know how to ask nicely. And even when I'm trying to be nice I sound like a total witch. I don't know what to do. I wish they had cameras like at the bank so I could rewind and watch to see if the alleged incident occurred...or if my child likes to make up stories*.

* I will say that he told the same story hours apart to both me and the hubby.


Heather said...

At 2 I don't believe they are capable of retaining a lie hours apart, maybe spontaneously but not consistantly. That's what I think anyways.

I would check the area in the morning and if the mark is still as visable as today, then I would talk to someone in charge. At least to make them aware that there may have been an incident. So they can keep there eyes on how they play together.

Heather said...

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