Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Random Thoughts about stupid stuff

You like how I only capitalized some of my words...yeah, that's how random I am. I took an editing class in college because I was so going to be an editor of anything and you capitalize your titles. But I didn't feel like it anymore. I also am pretty annoyed that I have over $25K in student loans and don't have a job in my profession. Not. Even. Close. Yeah, pretty awesome.

I'm pretty stoked because the Jayhawks are playing right now and kicking some ass vs. Fort Hays State. You read that right...Fort Hays State. They don't even matter but I don't care because as of right now my football team sucks so I am now officially ready for basketball!

In my last post I talked about a boy who wanted to potty train standing up. Yeah, still working on that. ANy advice?

I am still wanting to lose some weight but it was brought to my attention that when you give birth your hips can widen. I guess that is why the jeans I bought pre-baby but 20 pounds+ still fit. I'm kind of annoyed by that because honestly...if I lose 20 pounds after baby I kind of want to be able to tell. Because the last time I lost 20 pounds I was drinking almost daily and working 50 hours a week and going to school full-time. I actually did it the right way this time and I look worse than I did then. That is not right!

To go with that last random thougth I was thinking about getting the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I'm kinda afraid though seeing as I've read other blogs about how they have been killed doing it. I hope not for real because I haven't seen many posts from them since...

My hubby has been watching a lot of ghost story shows to get in the Halloween spirit and it is freaking me out. He keeps talking about how he "sees stuff" when he's watching them. In our house. Not cool dude. I get nightmares from reading R. L. Stine's GOosebumps series. So not cool.

I am done with Halloween and have been pretty proud of myself because I haven't really eaten that much of Leo's candy. He actually got almost all chocolate which is nice because I'm not much of a chocolate person. It makes it real helpful for the whole trying to lose weight thing.

On the other hand of being done with Halloween I am not ready for Christmas. I know I said this before but seriously...the Halloween stuff is marked down 50% and right across the aisle Christmas stuff at 100% markup. Awesome. Merry freaking Christmas.

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Heather said...

Your not alone on the "Job vs Education". Son in law is in the same boat.

My grandson insist on going potty backwards! Instead of back to wall, he's facing it. Right now were just happy he's going!

Hmm Christmas..I'm not ready yet!