Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Do not leave me unsupervised

So this weekend came and went in a blur. A few reasons for that. 1) We were busy with cleaning up branches in the back yard, working at our real jobs, family coming into town for graudations and then parties for said graduations and 2) I got a freaking concussion.

Part 1 of my weekend described above went off pretty much without a hitch, but part 2 started all because of part 1. Here we go...

Once upon a time there was a beautiful wife who was trying to be a big help to her family by helping clean up the pile of branches in the backyard. This woman was not a very graceful person, nor was she much of an outdoorsy girl, but she was still trying to help. So after her dad brought over a trailer to put the branches in and her and her hubby found out it wasn't going to be big enough for all the branches they decided to use a tarp to get the rest of the branches on so the next day would be easier to load into the trailer after it had already been taken to the chip site. So after that was taken care of there were some dead leaves and mulchy type stuff where the branches had been and the fearless heroine (sp? I don't know if this is the female hero or the drug) was dragging the trash can to load it up with the nastiness. Then the evil trash can decided it wanted to buck tradition and it didn't want to hold the trash so the trash can and our female hero got into a fierce battle. Starting with a foot to the lid and ending with the trash can being the winner on top of her.

It was the most ridiculous thing ever. I tripped and the trash can beat the crap out of me. I went to the doctor Monday morning and I have a mild concussion and the popping noise I heard in my face when I faceplanted into the trash can was the ligament in my jaw tearing. Yeah, I'm guessing you don't have a story to beat that huh?!


Heather said...

LOL! If I do have a better story, I can't think of it cause I'm laughing! Sorry but that was hilarious!

I'm sorry the trash can won the brutal battle. Hope your not in a whole lot of pain.

andersondonnaf said...

I thought I was the ungraceful, uncoordinated cousin in the family; it must be a Ferrel trait. Stay away from killer trash cans (at least until after Brock's wedding-we want to see you undamaged). Vonna kicked the card table and jammed her little toe, but you definitely win the prize.