Friday, May 14, 2010

Holly Hobby

Challenge #20-a hobby of yours

As I was trying to think of a hobby as I was blogging I was like I don't have a hobby. And then I realized that blogging is my hobby. I wish I scrapbooked or did digital photography but I don't have the creativity needed for those specific hobbies. I have some scrapbooking stuff but I don't know how to lay it out or anything like that. And apparently scrapbooking stuff is really expensive! But I really do enjoy blogging. I have always liked writing and I took a creative writing class in college but the creative part really got me. And then my friend started blogging and I followed her and I really enjoyed reading other blogs that I found. And then she told me I should start blogging and so I did. Because I fall to peer pressure. But it was good for me. It let me vent some things that were going on with my life and also, it gave me a place where I could find other people that have similar things going on in their lives that I could relate to. So, I'm glad I found blogging to be the hobby I have pursued for almost 2 years. Wow! That's crazy, but it has been a good 2 years!

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Heather said...

My hobby too! It is the one thing I am happy too do. Chores..not so much!

Glad you fall for peer pressure! LOL!