Tuesday, May 11, 2010


It's been a few Tuesdays since I've participated in random thougths Tuesday but I figured what the heck.

It's amazing the things you can get done when you get up at 6:30 in the morning. It's only 8:45 and I've exercised, tanned, taken the monkey to school, got the tags renewed for our vehicle and now I'm blogging. Amazing. But don't think I'm going to make this a daily habit!

We had crazy storms here in Kansas yesterday. It's so funny how fast the weather can change. Within 2 hours it went from being dark and nasty to bright and sunny.

The monkey has officially decided that sleeping at night is a bad thing. I thought once he turned 3 this would end. Well it hasn't. He still gets up at least once a night and tries to sneak into our bed. Most nights I will ask him if he wants me to take him back to his room and he will let me. Not last night. After two sneak attacks he finally decided that he would just sleep on our floor. He's crazy. I woke up with him right next to my side of the bed and I almost stepped on him. Oh well. As long as he knows he can't reform the habit of sleeping with us.

I am still rocking the 30-Day Shred. Jillian is still a bitch but I think my stamina is improving (still). But the thing that makes me the most sad is after I have worked out and taken a shower, I am trying to blow-dry my hair and my arms are still trembling. And now, I am sitting here trying to type and my biceps are sore. You know you get a good workout when just typing is making you sore.

I really need to do the dishes. We haven't really eaten at home because of mother's day and then the storm last night so we were in the basement of my parents house. So there's not much to do but it's just sitting there taunting me. Kind of like the laundry. I think they might start a revolt. Who knows. Maybe they'll decide to do themselves!

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Life (In Notes) said...

Everyone keeps talking about the 30Day Shred. I may have to check that out. Good to hear you made it through the storm alright! If only your dishes had been swept away in the storm. ;)

VandyJ said...

You figure out how to get your dishes to do themsleves, let the rest of us in on the process. My dishes mate in the dark--there are always more in the morning, I'm sure of it.

The Crazy Coxes said...

I know how to get your dishes done! Just have some teenagers. I'll send mine right over! Just feed them and they'll do dishes. you don't even have to send them back.

Mrsbear said...

Sometimes I love being up and getting so much accomplished in the morning, others...I wish I were still in bed. Oh well.

I haven't done the 30 Day Shred routine in a while. It's definitely a workout and I love that it's only 20 minutes, but sometimes I swear I just wanted to Judo chop Jillian Michaels in the throat. ;)

Dishes and laundry are the bane of my existence.

Happy Tuesday.

shopannies said...

watching biggest loser now how great Jillian is and tonights show is great. It is also great when we can get up get our days started with style great for you

Heather said...

I wish I could get back to getting up that early. I could get lots of stuff done!

It is such a painful process trying to break the habit of sleeping with the parents. I do hope it gets better for ya.

I think my diet has died. I haven't lost or gained in weeks.