Thursday, May 20, 2010

My life-my week

So I’ve been absent again and I’m sorry. I have been trying to keep a positive attitude but the hits keep coming. Here is an update on my life this week:

Monday: Have to be to work at 7:30. Get to work and then need to open the other branch at 9:30. Leave first branch to go to my car at 9:25 and car will not start. Luckily someone who is supposed to be at other branch is able to get me and take me where I need to be. Of course, this starts the second part of my day off not so great. I then have to deal with employees who think that they are the most important thing to me and that I care about the fact that they have to work 2 long days to get to go on vacation for the rest of the week (boo hoo) and another one not being able to keep track of her own vacation time so I am having to tell her (and then explain to her) why she only has a ½ day left to mark on the calendar (in addition to the other 9 ½ that she has already used or scheduled to use later in the year). After dealing with no fewer than 3 drunk customers by the time I clock out at 3:30, I have to wait until after 4 to leave because that is when someone can take me to get my hubby’s car to pick up the monkey and then head home to wait for him to get there so we can figure out what is wrong with my car. By 7pm we get to my car and can’t get it to start until after 8 with the help from my dad. Then when we get home it dies again when I turn it off, so I make a quick run to McDonalds for us and then get to eat about 8:30. In bed after 11. Luckily we figured out that it is just a connection to the battery and not the alternator or the starter.

Tuesday: It was luckily my day off so I took monkey to school about 9 and then got home by 9:30. I stayed in bed watching TV and sleeping off and on until 4. I got up, read some blogs, hit up facebook and then went to pick up Leo. This was actually a pretty good day. A few things happened that made it better: I bought a table from my boss for $75(!) and her husband brought it down to us and I got to go eat dinner at my parent’s and saw my brosef and his family and then of course walking with my mom is always relaxing! The table situation is a post in itself so I will explain that then.

Wednesday: Back to the shitstorm that is my life. Went to work from 7:30-6. Long day. Then went to drop off movies at the library and then go pick up the monkey. After getting him home I check the mail. We have a violation in our mailbox having something to do with our back easement and then a pile of branches that are enclosed in our backyard. I know that we are lazy and have just stacked a ginormous pile of branches in our back yard. But it’s my backyard and they are all in a neat pile. If we get a violation I don’t know how our neighbors who park 2 of their vehicles on the grass do not have one. I know those scenarios are two different things but still. I think cars on the grass is trashier than tree branches. And the bad thing is we only have until Monday to get them cleaned up. We don’t own a pickup and we don’t have easy access to one mainly because my dad’s tires got slashed on his so he is getting them replaced. So we will have to haul them into our garage until we can gain access to a truck to get them hauled to the chip site which is only open when we are at work. It’s a pretty vicious circle and I was not happy. It was topped with my female visitor and a migraine. And the fact that my child had chosen this night to decide to start not listening to me. He was in bed at an early 8pm (not really early, normal bedtime, but with this week 8 was early!) and he kept getting up.

Today: Today hasn’t been terrible but I have had to work 9:30-8, so it’s been a really long day knowing that I need to be at home trying to get our backyard cleaned up so we don’t get fined a ridiculous amount to have someone clean up the branches. And I am just in dire need of a vacation. And even when I take vacation in June I will be dealing with 2 weddings. Of course I am looking forward to the weddings…just not the stress that comes with each! :)

Sorry this post has been a bitchfest but I figure this is the placeI can do it! I am looking forward to this weekend because I think we are going to hit up the drive-in movie theater because they have the new Shrek movie and Iron Man 2 playing on the same screen! And I can get the monkey in for free because he is under 5 and admission for adults is only $8, so we can see 2 movies for $16. Technically we could stay for How To Train Your Dragon, and as much as I would like to see that movie I don’t think I can stay up that late! And I’m a little concerned as to how Leo will be able to stay up to watch a 9pm showing of Shrek. But of course when I voiced this to hubby he asked me if I knew our son, and of course he would be able to stay up that late! And we are also going to get to see my aunt and uncle from Kansas City who are coming to town for another one of my cousin’s graduations, so that should be fun too! And I only have to work a 4 hour shift on Saturday so that is even better! So I know it’s going to get better soon, I’m just waiting for it!

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Heather said...

Monday..Glad it was something simple! Wish mine truck was that easy to fix..sigh. It's a bummer it was such a long day. what a deal!

Wednesday..Oh the joys of city life! I would never make it, I have a branch pile too! We let it get big enough to burn.

Thursday..Bring on the vacation!

Gripe all you want! It's your page!

But of course when I voiced this to hubby he asked me if I knew our son, and of course he would be able to stay up that late!
LOL!!!! For Shrek, heck yah!

Have a good weekend!