Sunday, May 16, 2010

Welch Happenings

Day 21-a website

This website is a really good website. I'm not really for sure where she found me but Heather will always comment on my posts and always lifts my spirits when I need lifting! Her blog is about her life with her dogs and her husband. She also has grandbabies and family that she talks about and the life that she blogs about is a good one. There are many other blogs that I frequent, and I link up to those occasionally but this one... is one you should definitely check out.


Heather said...

Ohh, you are too sweet! Thank you soo much!
Honestly I don't recall how I found you either. LOL! I think it might have been through the Spin Cycle. BUT I am soo glad I did! I love hearing about you, the Monkey and hubby.earma

Heather said...

Sorry about that I was trying to do the captha and it ended up at the end of my comment! LOL!!

kendrasue said...

It's just the topping for your birthday week!