Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day weekend

So this weekend is mother's day. not much going on in the Fernandez household. I told hubby I was buying a tanning package for my mother's day present. Yippee me! I will be tan and not signalling outer space come time for my brother's wedding!

I have taken the monkey to the River Fest (the week long festival for a neighboring city) twice this weekend. Once on Friday for the opening parade, which he loved, and once on Saturday for a showing of The Ugly Duckling from the local children's theater. Both were very entertaining and even though the play was during the monkey's naptime he did pretty well. He got a little antsy after it was over and we had to wait for the bathrooms and then walk back to our car. Overall though, he has been much better behaved than the previous weeks. I am waiting for the downturn because my mother so kindly reminded me, she was sure it was just for a little while. So thanks mom! :)

Last night we went to a reception for my cousins wedding. It was a nice little dinner and they had music going and they even had a characture artist. It was pretty neat. A little weird, but pretty neat! Leo was good AGAIN and he ran and ran and ran until it was time to go. Then he ended up staying up until after midnight. What a crazy kid!

Today is actually mother's day and not much has happened. I was awoken (by what I was told was his fart) by my dear husband at around 7:45. I then got up and watched some cartoons with the monkey. We started getting ready around 9 for lunch at 11 with my friend that had moved back to western Kansas. She called about 11 and said she was running late. So she showed up about noon and we hit the new Mexican restaurant in town. On Mother's Day. After church. During monkey's naptime. Dumbest. Move. Ever. After waiting for what seemed like forever we got our table and got our food. It was delicious though. And we had nice conversation with Kirby. She came back to the house for a little bit but had to head back home before it go to late. Then the boys took a nap (and are still napping) while i went tanning and then ran over to my grandma's house, where I found out she was napping! I am now just waiting for the boys to get up so I can talk them into going to Sam's. Hopefully they will be down for it. If not, we will just have to watch Season 4 of Lost which I checked out from the library. Either one works for me!

I hope all you mom's out there have a happy mother's day! And everyone else I hope you have a happy week!

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Heather said...

Little boys missing their naps, always leads to a meltdown! If not for him then for his parents.

Sounds like a great Mother's day, glad it was good for you.