Friday, February 25, 2011

Another day another sickness

Yesterday morning Leo woke me up telling me his tummy hurt. I told him to go to the bathroom and so he did. Then when we got up for good yesterday he said his head hurt. We took his temperature and it was normal and so we gave him some ibuprofen and shooed him off to daycare. Cue to pick-up time and YAY it's your birthday. He gets home with his dad and he is acting normal. He had told his dad he hadn't felt well all day. We go to McDonalds (his choice for birthday dinner) and to Blockbuster because I thought Megamind was out on DVD. We were walking around trying to find it and Leo tells me he doesn't want to walk anymore because he's dizzy. I feel him and he is on fire. We don't find Megamind (because the Target ad tricked me and it didn't come out until today) so we leave. When we get home he tells me how cold he is and so I take his temperature. He clocks in at a whopping 103. WTF?! So I give him some more ibuprofen and let him eat his dinner at his leisure in our bed watching some cartoons. At 8 I put him to bed liken normal. He gets up around 10 and wanders into our room and crawls in the bed and instantly falls asleep. We let him stay there because poor little lamb is so tired and doesn't feel well. At 4 I wake up and he is still really warm. He wakes up a little bit and we talk and I wait to take him temp for about 10 minutes and when I do it's still at 102.5. I give him some more ibuprofen and tell him to go back to sleep.

Cue to this morning. He wakes up feeling fine. No fever. Nothing. I kept him home from school today but I'm concerned because we have family coming in from out of town to celebrate his birthday bowling style! If the fever returns today I'm taking him to the doctor just so we can make sure whatever is going on will be curbed by tomorrow. But he's acting fine. So hopefully it was just a one day bug and it's out of his system now. Maybe he just needed a little quality time with mom today!

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