Saturday, February 26, 2011

Swine flu says what now?

So if you read here about how my little one was running a hellacious fever but mainly only other symptom was a cough? Well even though his fever had dropped yesterday morning it had returned to a steady 100 so I figured I might as well take him in to see what the doctor was going to say and hopefully be the mom that saved the birthday party. Well...I was way wrong. We had an appointment for 12:50 yesterday afternoon and so I tried to get him to eat some Ramen before we left. That was like pulling teeth so I let it slide. When we got there he wanted to sit on my lap. My big 4 year old. On my lap?! So I said it was fine. He felt warm still but when the nurse called us back she took his temp and it was back at 103. When the doctor came in she asked what symptoms were and I kind of told her what had been happening the last couple of days and she asked if they had done a flu test? I told her we had just come in and so she sent a nurse in to swab the nose. From the time that they swabbed his nose to the time that the doctor came back in he had fallen asleep hard core on the waiting table. I felt so bad for him. When the doctor came back in she said that he had influenza strain B...aka the freaking swine flu. I asked her if that was even still around and she had told me that her kids had had it as well. I was speechless. I honestly thought that stuff had run its course. Apparently not. She said he should be non-contagious by Sunday but that fever could last as long as a week. Awesome. We got his prescription for Tamiflu and headed home. We had a very listless little boy that didn't want to even walk on his own. We also had a little boy who threw up on the way to the bathroom (thank goodness we have wood floors). And we also had a little boy who wouldn't eat his precious chicken nuggets. You know he's sick when that happens! But this morning he woke up fever free. And even though we had to cancel his birthday party with what looks like no hope for reschedule I'm just glad I took him to the doctor so we didn't wait until it got worse. I felt so bad for my little monkey yesterday. He was so helpless. So hopefully he has already kicked the bug and will be back to school on Monday! How was your Friday?

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