Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pork Chop Fail (and I'm not talking about Doug Funnies dog)

While I hit one end of the spectrum for awesomeness in the kitchen I definitely hit the other one last night. I tried another new recipe for crock-pot pork chops and while I thought that would be an easy-peasy delicious dinner I had a rude awakening when I went to serve it. The recipe called for it to cook on a low temperature for 5-6 hours. I put it in at 12:45 yesterday afternoon and unplugged the crock-pot at 6:30. When I tried to get it out of the crock-pot I expected to have little resistance with a fork. I was wrong. It was so dry. It had even stuck to the liner that I used to save on clean up. So apparently 5 hours and 45 minutes was too long. All it said was to cook it with onions, garlic and barbecue sauce. I skipped on the onion and garlic (mainly because I didn’t have any on hand because I’m not a big onion person and I just didn’t have any garlic) but I even added extra barbecue sauce. Bummer.

After I got that out of the crock-pot I went to get the potatoes out of the oven. I had cooked those for an hour. When I opened mine to butter it it was still hard. Really?! So yeah, dry pork chops and hard baked potatoes. At least the corn on the cob and the biscuits were good. I guess not all new meals can be a complete success. Maybe next time!

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