Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mid-week Love

Yay! We're halfway through the week. And it's been an already long week! So I can't wait until Saturday at 6 when I am off for the weekend! Now for What I Love Wednesday. Link up and have fun!

This is my super cute purse that the hubby got me for Valentines day. It's from Target and while I have so many other bags like this (I use them to store little boy things along with my work stuff!) I really like that it has an inside zipper pocket and the outside pockets that I can stash my phone and key in so they don't get lost in the bottomless pit that is the big purse!
As I was delivering Valentines cookies to a few people on Monday I loved the fact that Leo and I brightened each of their days just a little bit. Especially my grandparents...Leo's great-grandparents. They said it was nice of us to think of them on Valentine's day!
I enjoyed the Valentine's cookies I got from my cousin. Ok...they were for all of us but I won't lie. I took them to work and ate them all. They are a chocolate chip cookie with hints of peanut butter. I'm not sure how she does it but I asked for the recipe. So good!
I love the fact that on Friday I will be off since I work Saturday. What makes this Friday even better is that the hubby doesn't have to be at work until 1. So we can spend some time together in the morning.

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