Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Babies, Babysitting and Cooking: A very maternal RTT

It’s Tuesay. Let’s Random. It. Up.

We’re supposed to get up to 7 inches of snow here between today and tomorrow. Apparently it’s the end of the world. I must have missed the memo. Because as far as I’m concerned…I’m still going to have to go to work tomorrow. So it really doesn’t matter.

Because I was not feeling so hot last week I skipped my last two sessions at the gym on Wednesday and Friday last week. I did go on Monday morning and I am exhausted. My legs felt like jelly much of Monday. I didn’t realize how hard I was working.

I am trying 4 new recipes in the next 2 weeks of our cooking cycle. I’m pretty impressed with that number. I really felt like I was in a rut with what I’d been cooking so I looked online and found some new ones that sounded pretty good. If I have any winners I’ll post them on here. I am also trying to fry chicken. We’ll see how that turns out.

I am going to try to enlist the services of a neighbor girl to babysit Leo the weekend of Valentine’s Day. I’m pretty nervous about that. Only 1 time has Leo been baby-sat by a non-family member outside of daycare. And it was the neighbor girl. And I freaked the whole time we were gone. Hopefully she’ll be available and hopefully I won’t be a creep and just deal with the date night like a normal adult. Also…since we usually get free services what is the going rate for a babysitter on a big weekend?

Sometimes there are things that I want to put on my blog but either because I’m not sure I’m ready to talk about them or because I don’t know that people would really care I don’t. But I think it might be cathartic. Sometimes I wish that no one I knew in real life read my blog so that way I didn’t feel like I couldn’t write those things. Oh well!

Leo and I were watching TV yesterday and he saw a commercial with babies in it. He looked at the TV then looked at me and told me that if we had another baby then he would be the best big brother. Then he said, and then another baby and another baby he would be the biggest brother. How many kids does this kid think I’m having. I’m one and done baby. One and done. Ok, maybe one more and done but still. Not any more than that!

I have not had much patience for my little one lately and I don’t know if it’s because he’s been so rambunctious and so he’s getting on my nerves or all the back talk/attitude that has been aimed at me but we are butting heads like crazy. He kept telling me yesterday that his dad was his best buddy and that I wasn’t. But then if I said something like, oh no…daddy’s your best buddy he would get all sad and ask if I still loved him and if I was his mom still. It about broke my heart. He goes through highs and lows like it’s nobody’s business. His dad said, he get it from his momma.

I filed our taxes yesterday and we’re getting a return. So I’m pretty excited about that. I’m using that money to pay down some bills and then use some for savings and a little for Leo’s birthday party. Look at me being all responsible about it. We’ve been so good lately. It’s making me very, very happy to know we are even closer to our financial goals! Woo hoo!

Ok. That’s enough random seepage from my brain. To see more rAnDoM check out Keely. She is the queen of random!


Anonymous said...

I remember when I first left my oldest son with a sitter. I definitely worried but of course, everything was fine. I just had to remind myself that he'll never learn how to deal with situations like that if I didn't just throw him into them, you know? Happy RT!

Stacy Uncorked said...

I wish we were slated to get snow instead of freezing rain - but Mother Nature hates me that much. At least Princess Nagger got a Snow Day today - though it would be a more fun one if it were actually snow.

I read somewhere that babysitting rates depend on a couple of factors - where you live (you know, like NY is a higher rate) and how experienced the babysitter is. The range is from $5 an hour up to $20 an hour. I think we paid a babysitter $10 an hour the one time we left Princess Nagger with a sitter. And I did worry the entire time.

RTT: Snow, Ice, Dinos, Snuggie Envy

Toesthattwinkle! said...

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MindyAnn said...

Hey Kendrasue,

I know exactly what you mean about wanting an anonymous blog where you can say whatever you wish or vent about the stupidest things... Ive thought about creating one but then i feel like im throwing a bunch of nonsense out there and I would think it would be pretty hard to be anonymous? I dunno :0)

Have fun on your valentines date!

Thanks for following me!

Terrie said...

i know what you mean about not wanting people you actually know to read your blog. i've stopped telling people in my life about it. and then i just figure they'll have to deal with what they hear. happy tuesday!

Jennie @ Modern Mamaz said...

I haven't been feeling well for the last 2 YEARS, so I skipped my gym sessions. :)