Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dirty Little Secret

Shhh…come closer if you want to hear my secret. You sure you want to know? It’s a dirty secret. I actually like my job

Ok, so maybe that isn’t much of a confession but it is probably not the norm. Especially when there aren’t very many jobs going around and no one is leaving the one they have in fear of never finding another one. But I actually do. I may complain about the people I work with and the stupid customers that come in but I enjoy helping customers. I also (mainly) like the people I work with. I definitely enjoy my boss and sometimes even my boss’s boss.

Just for those of you out there that haven’t read me from the beginning, I am an assistant branch manager at two local bank branches. We have many branches in the area so I am not completely special but I am a little special! I oversee about 12 employees and pretty much run the location inside of a grocery store. My manager is usually at our location directly across the street that is a free-standing branch. I am able to open accounts, process loans and refer customers to other parts of the bank that I think they could use help with. The customers are good about 50% of the time and the employees are good about the other 50! I don’t mind retail (which is basically what we are) and the hours aren’t terrible. I only have to close 1 night a week and that is until 8pm and work 2 Saturdays a month which is from 9-6. That is actually the worst part of the job probably. I HATE working Saturdays.

And even in this economy where our raises (if we get them) will be minimal and they are cutting “non-performers” left and right I still feel pretty stable in this job. Knock. On. Wood. We have good benefits and since I have been at the bank for over 5 years I get 3 weeks of vacation. The only benefit we don’t have that I would really enjoy is maternity leave! But for right now I can definitely see myself working for this company until I retire. I think that would be pretty amazing. If I can retire when I am 60 that would put me working for the bank for 40 years. That would be a miracle. And hopefully there will be actual banks in 35 years! So there’s my confession. What’s yours? And to see others check out


Sprite's Keeper said...

You're completely forgiven! I like my job too! There are some less than stellar moments, but most of all, the stress is pretty much the stress that I bring to the table. I completely agree with you! You're linked!

Heather said...

Great post! It is very rare to find a job that you really like. I had one once but got very sick and they had to let me go. Haven't found another one since.

kendrasue said...

Bummer about having to leave a job you liked. They're gonna have to pry me by my fingernails! :)