Monday, February 1, 2010

Does money actually grow on trees?

So as I have talked about before we are not blessed to come from a family that left either of us trust funds nor are we people that decide that even though we don't have a ton of extra money that that money should be set aside for savings...God bless people who do but that is not us. It would definitely come in handy in situations like the one that is currently forming in our household. The hubby's car has been acting up for quite some time now. We have put a little bit of money into upkeep just so that it will keep running but nothing extravagant. Well today he calls me about 5 miles from the house letting me know that it is messing up big time. I know nothing about cars so I asked him if he was still driving or if he had to pull over somewhere. He said he was still driving but he didn't know if he would make it home. I told him to go as far as he could because we have free towing on his car with our insurance. He was able to make it home but now we are left to decide what to do. We were hoping to trade in his vehicle to get at least $2000 for it but now that it isn't hardly running I don't figure we can do that. And I don't really want to spend the amount of money needed to buy a car. We are going to have to pay our student loans on top of a car payment next year and if I am wanting to have another baby (which I DO!) then how will we ever afford anything. And with the lack of raises going on around the workplace it's not like I can expect anything on that front. I know that they always say that God will provide but I really don't see how that will pan out. So if I can get some good feelings coming this way that would be awesome! And maybe the next time I get on we will have a new car. Or at least new to us! :)

Oh yeah...and the reason I have 2 posts today is because the last one was supposed to go up on Saturday but that didn't happen! So enjoy the double dose of me!

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Heather said...

Oh girl, I soo wish I knew what to tell you. I don't know if yall are religous or even go to church. If you do, I would suggest seeing if the church could help find you another car cheap. Or if you have any friends that work on cars, see if they will help you get it fixed on a payment basis.

I'm sorry I can't be much help. I will be having you on my mind.