Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Not so stressed today

So yesterday we took hubby's car to the closest Autozone and they have a check engine diagnostics dealy-ma-bobber and turns out that it is the spark plugs and/or wires connected (or not really) to the spark plugs. So easy enough fix and we aren't going to have to rush into buying a new vehicle. I told the hubby that if we really want a new car that we should put part of what we were talking about spending on a car payment away for a few months so we build up a reserve so when we do buy a new car then we will have something in savings if something bad did happen. I also talked to the daycare about having another baby and how they worked with payments and she even told me that on my maternity leave I could bring Leo as often or not as we wanted and only would pay for the days he would be there. So that would be another financial burden (for at least a few months) so we could save the almost $500 a month that we would be spending to send him to daycare for those 2 or 3 months and save it when the payments would almost double if we had another one. And to go on a tangent...she also told me about how her first 2 kids were 2 years apart, then the next one 9 and then the next one 5 years apart and the best distance between them was the 5 years because the older of the 2 got along fine because they were starting school so there was something special going on in their life as well. So I am much less stressed then i was on Monday. So is better!


Heather said...

So glad to here that it wasn't something super serious. Good plan on saving money for a new car.

$500 a month for childcare!! When my brother was in daycare, it was $40 a month and my mom was freaking out over how to pay! Wow, how times have changed!

kendrasue said...

Yeah, it is absolutely ridiculous. And we actually go to one of the cheaper ones. Amazing.